Who Am I?
13_summitMy name is Keith Kiggins, and I’m addicted to leopard geckos.  My fascination with these incredible animals began somewhere around 1996, just as the mainstream herpetoculture revolution was beginning.  My infatuation with reptiles began even earlier, during my earliest years.  I remember catching a small sagebrush lizard (Sceloporus graciosus) as a young child, keeping it in a fishbowl in our family living room for a short time.  Throughout my youth, I chased and caught every lizard species I could near my hometown of Rifle, Colorado.  My friends and I would take our prizes (usually collared lizards, Crotaphytus collaris auriceps) to school for show and tell, and even let them run on the playground, with all of the kids cheering whenever a big male would rear up and scamper along on its hind legs.  The idea of herpetoculture was in its infancy at best.  Keeping an iguana or two along the way, in 1996 I finally bought my first really different lizard, an Egyptian Uromastyx.   Bearded dragons, veiled chameleons and leopard geckos were soon to follow, and I was officially entrenched into the world of herpetoculture.  The leopard gecko has had an amazing journey over the past decade, and I’m excited to focus on breeding these fantastic animals once again.   Most importantly, these animals are relaxing and fun, and will always be my favorite pet lizard!

I’d like to thank some very important people for helping to fuel my passion for this hobby, and for providing the blueprint for how to run this business “the right way”.  Without their invaluable advice and quality animals, none of this would be possible.

Sean Niland – vmsherp.com
John Scarbrough – geckoboa.com