About the Giant Gene

Anytime I talk about the Giant gene, I am referring to exactly that, a genetic mutation.  Simply put:

Giant is NOT a descriptor, it is a genetic mutation.   In other words, calling a gecko a “giant” has NOTHING to do with its size; that is a reference to it’s genetic makeup. 

With four solid years of observation, producing hundreds of geckos, I have concluded that the predictability of the Giant gene is just not what I hoped for.  I have outcrosses into Bell and Las Vegas lines, with insignificant results so far.  Growing animals to the gargantuan weights that the market demands is an outright labor of logistical and financial strain, and anyone that knows me, knows that I do not care to make these animals fat, anyway. So I’ve decided to make some changes.

  • Animals will no longer be described as “Giant”, “Super Giant”, “G”, “SG” or “G/SG” in the main label.  I will note the parents genetics in the description, and state whether or not I believe the animal to have a mutated gene.
  • There never were, and are still NO guarantees regarding the adult size of an animal, or how fast it reaches that size.  In my facility, it takes the better part of two years to grow an animal to its full length.
  • My goal has always been, and continues to be to create the healthiest, strongest animals for the market. Genetically speaking, I work with some powerhouse animals, and I feel that my efforts go largely under-appreciated as a result of the stigma surrounding giants.  Overall appearance and potential will remain my focus.  I will continue to have giant genetics in almost all of my projects, but size has never been and will never be my priority.
  • Pricing will always reflect what I feel is fair and reasonable for the individual animal, based on appearance, potential and relative market comparison.  I feel I offer some of the best pricing in the business, without giving animals away.  I understand what a budget can look like for a small hobbyist, and I appreciate that challenge.

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